Teeth Whitening in San Antonio, TX

Tooth whitening is a simple and relaxed way to renovate the appearance of your smile and overall appearance. At Shepherd Dental, we use customized teeth whitening trays to consistently dispense the whitening gel and provide patients with a balanced, consistent shade of whiteness. Our single-visit teeth whitening services are ideal for patients who have a special event coming up or want to achieve whiter teeth in less than an hour.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Based on where the treatment is done, the two types of teeth whitening treatments are:

In-Office Whitening

Teeth whitening performed at our office will provide effective whitening results in a short duration. After your teeth are cleaned, a hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to your teeth and left for about half an hour. A curing blue light is used to activate the bleaching agents in the solution. On completion of the procedure, your teeth will look several shades whiter and brighter. The effects can last long with proper care and maintenance.

At-Home Whitening

This procedure can be availed in the comforts of your home but with professional help and guidance. We will provide customized trays and bleaching solutions for use at home. The trays will be fabricated after taking your teeth impressions. Proper instructions will be given on the usage of the trays and solution. At-home whitening treatment may take a few weeks to show their brightening effects.

How Long Can Teeth Whitening Effects Last?

Teeth whitening effects can last anywhere from six months to two years based on a couple of factors. People who drink colored beverages that are known to stain teeth like berry juice, red wine, tea, and coffee, may realize that the effects of their teeth whitening procedures fade faster. Smoking and tobacco usage can also discolor teeth and adversely affect your teeth whitening results. Once you notice that your teeth's colors are beginning to fade, our team will be happy to help you touch up your smile.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

One of the significant advantages of teeth whitening is that your treatment will be designed and managed by competent dental professionals. This helps to make sure that your treatment will be highly efficient and safe as well. Tooth enamel is composed of some of the most rigid tissue in the human body. We can work with you to decide how many applications you may require to realize the results you want without causing or aggravating any dental issues.

If you are interested in learning more about our teeth whitening treatments, visit our office, Shepherd Dental, at 235 E Hildebrand Ave #100, San Antonio, TX 78212, or call at (210) 820-0400 and schedule an appointment.

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