Reduce Sports Injuries With Mouth Guards

Dental injuries are quite common. Around 13-20 percent of such injuries are sport-related. Most of them occur in athletes who do not wear a mouthguard while playing sports. According to recent studies, fewer than 8 percent of athletes wearing a mouth guard succumbed to dental injuries, while 48-50 percent of those who did not wear it sustained severe dental problems. 

Sports like field hockey, football, lacrosse, ice hockey, and wrestling demand using a mouthguard to prevent dental injuries.

Common Dental Injuries Related To Sports

It is common for athletes to suffer from dental injuries while playing sports. Some of the most common sports-related dental injuries include scrapes, deep bruises, soft-tissue tears, etc., ranging from mild to severe. 

More severe dental injuries that many athletes suffer from while playing sports include fractures of the crown, cracks, chips, fractures of the tooth roots, etc. Some sportsmen also suffer tooth intrusion, occurring when the tooth is forced into the gum. Another common sports-related dental injury is the loss of front teeth. 

Keeping Sports-Related Injuries at Bay

A mouthguard is the best solution to protect your teeth from the majority of sports injuries. It fits perfectly into your mouth and acts as a buffer, hence protecting your soft tissues. Mouthguards cushion your teeth from a direct blow and prevent intrusions of the teeth. They also protect your upper and lower teeth. 

A mouth guard redistributes the intensity of a blow uniformly in your mouth. Consequently, one or two teeth do not bear the impact in full intensity. This quality of a mouth guard also protects the jaw from fractures.

Ideal Mouth Guard

  • The mouth guard should fit into your mouth perfectly. 
  • It should be made using a resilient material and cover all your teeth in one arch. 
  • It should be comfortable to wear and sit in place securely. 
  • The mouth guard must be easy to clean and maintain. 

Types of Mouth Guard

Stock Mouth Guard

They are ready-to-wear mouth guards and are sold by pharmacies as well. When compared to other types of mouth guards, they are the least expensive. They have limited size choices and are not custom-fitted into your mouth. Stock mouth guards are suitable to wear when engaging in sports with minimal contact. 

Mouth-Formed Mouth Guards

You need to immerse them in hot water until the guard softens before placing them in your mouth. The material molds to fit perfectly in your mouth. These mouth guards vary in terms of cost, comfort, and protection. 

Custom-Made Mouth Guards

As custom-made mouthguards are personalized according to the shape and size of your mouth, they fit perfectly. They are available in different kinds of materials and are best for athletes participating in any sport. 

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