Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

The replacement of missing teeth is essential to restore the normal functions of the oral cavity. Missing teeth can affect the mouth’s natural bite, clarity of speech, and the kinds of foods you can eat. When vital tooth replacement treatments are ignored, the burden placed on the remaining teeth increases the possibility of them becoming weak, worn down, or damaged. All these factors can lead to more tooth loss.

Here are the standard tooth replacement options available at Shepherd Dental:


Before the modern improvements in dental technology, dentures were the most frequently sought solution when patients needed all their teeth replaced. And in most cases, this meant both top and bottom dentures. Though many people wore dentures, they did not find them convenient due to the pain and discomfort. This was because the jaw and gums change over time with the bone loss accompanying the absence of teeth.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are interconnected pieces of replacement teeth. They need the support of the adjacent teeth to hold them in position. To set a dental bridge in place, the enamel of the teeth that provide support needs to be partially ground down.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are usually composed of several prosthetic teeth that can be removed for maintenance and cleaning. These dentures are held securely in the mouth by wire clips with the support of the adjacent teeth.


Flippers are intended to be used temporarily while the patient waits for permanent tooth replacement. These are plastic teeth that are fitted into retainers and are used as a short-term arrangement. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide an innovative and permanent solution for tooth replacement. They provide a more natural appearance and tooth function. They create a solid base for the replacement teeth and help jaws retain bone mass. Dental implants are the best among all tooth replacement options and help keep the mouth structures healthy and robust.

Implants can be used to support substitutes for multiple missing teeth and can also be used in securing personalized dentures. While dental bridges may require the resizing of healthy adjoining teeth, dental implants do not need to disturb teeth that remain in good condition.

If the dental implants are cared for properly, they can ideally last for the patient’s life. They have consistently proven to be superior in stability, comfort, and appeal.

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