Dental Extractions in San Antonio, TX

Tooth extraction refers to the removal of a tooth entirely from the jaw. Such extractions are essential to treat various oral conditions such as gum diseases, cavities, malocclusion, and others. Extractions may be performed by your dentist or oral surgeon, depending upon the gravity of your dental problem. 

What are the Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Your dentist or oral surgeon may remove your tooth for various reasons, such as:

  • Dental cavities are the most common cause of tooth extraction. Upon infection due to cavities, your entire oral health can get affected. If left untreated, this dental problem may take a toll on the deeper layers of your tooth and may lead to root canal infection.
  • Tooth extraction is also performed in case of impacted teeth where your teeth get impacted or stuck between the jawbone and gums.
  • Malocclusion is another reason for the extraction of a tooth. A proper tooth extraction provides the much-needed space for the adjoining teeth to shift before switching to orthodontic solutions like braces or Invisalign.
  • Breaking or cracking of teeth because of external trauma such as accident or injury are other reasons why many people opt for this procedure.

What is the Procedure of Tooth Extraction?

The procedure may be simple or surgical:

Simple Tooth Extraction

Your dentist or oral surgeon will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth. After this, they will use an instrument known as an elevator to loosen the tooth and forceps to remove the same.

Surgical Extraction

Your dentist or oral surgeon will administer both local and intravenous anesthesia to perform this type of tooth extraction. They will make a small incision into your gum to remove the bone around your tooth or section your tooth into smaller fragments before extraction.

What Aftercare Is Involved After Tooth Extraction?

Your dentist or oral surgeon will suggest the following measures as a part of aftercare:

  • After the procedure, they will put a thick layer of gauze on the extraction site. Biting down on this gauze with consistent pressure will keep bleeding under control. It is advised to change the gauze as required.
  • You can buy some over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to control the pain and inflammation after the procedure.
  • Tooth extraction may result in mild facial swelling. You can treat it by applying an ice pack to the swollen area from time to time.
  • Avoid drinking or smoking for a few days after the procedure.

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