Emergency Dentist vs. Emergency Room

Dental emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, even when you least expect them. If you ever experience a dental emergency, there are a few things to take care of. The first among them is to head straight to an emergency room or an emergency dentist and get quick medical attention. 

Some of the reasons that are considered a dental emergency are large cuts, broken bones, chipped teeth, dental trauma, or other injuries. 

Should I Go to an emergency room or an emergency Dentist for My Dental Emergency?

Like every other medical emergency, dental emergencies also need different types and levels of care, all depending on the severity of the condition. Whether you should visit an emergency room or an emergency dentist at the time of a dental emergency depends upon the type of the emergency. 

When to Go to the emergency room?

Dental accidents or traumas to the face and mouth that need immediate medical attention are fracture or dislocation of the jaw, severe cuts, wounds or lacerations to the mouth, a swollen abscess or infection that even affects your swallowing or breathing, etc. In such life-threatening emergencies, never wait for a dentist to handle the situation. Instead, call 911 or visit an emergency room as soon as possible. At an emergency room, the primary focus will be to treat the injuries and wounds and stop bleeding if there are any. If you get a tooth damaged or injured in trauma or accident, an emergency room can help stop the bleeding, but they won't be able to repair the tooth or save it. So, once you leave the emergency room and get home, it is important to get treatment from an emergency dentist. 

An emergency dentist can repair, restore or even save a damaged tooth and provide specific emergency care for all the patients in need.

When to See a Dentist

If the dental emergency doesn't involve any life-threatening situation but needs immediate medical care, you can visit an emergency dentist.

An emergency dentist provides instant care and treatment for your oral and dental issues. They handle dental concerns that require immediate medical care and attention. If you have a chipped or broken tooth or your tooth is knocked out, you can wait for an emergency dentist to handle these unless there is a lot of bleeding or severe pain. An emergency dentist will help preserve your overall oral health by addressing and treating these oral problems at the earliest. 

Treatment Options offered by an emergency dentist for damaged Teeth

Here are the treatment options we provide our patients:

  • Dental Bonding
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Restorations
  • Dental Sealants
  • Cavity Treatments

Receive Emergency Treatment When Necessary

If ever you face an accident or trauma, you might be all shaken up and afraid. In such a case, a visit to the emergency room may be all that you need. A general dentist can't always be able to provide emergency dental care, or the patient might have to wait for a long time. Besides, they won't be available outside the usual business hours. However, in case of any emergency, our emergency dentists at Shepherd Dental, equipped with relevant experience and necessary skills, can offer emergency treatment all the time while keeping the patient calm and save the teeth.

So, in case you have a trauma to your mouth, call our office to schedule an appointment. Leaving your condition untreated for long can worsen your condition and may even lead to permanent, unrepairable tooth damage and even loss of the tooth.  

Call Shepherd Dental at (210) 820-0400 or visit us at 235 E Hildebrand Ave #100 San Antonio, TX 78212 for more details. 

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