Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for almost every adult wanting to undergo this advanced tooth replacement option. If you have lost a tooth, then you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants, which appear and function like natural teeth. However, many factors influence your procedure and the success ratio. The only way to ensure your candidature for dental implants is to schedule an appointment with us at Shepherd Dental PC.

What Factors Are Considered For Dental Implants Procedure?

The first step to determine whether you are fit for dental implants is to come to our office for a consultation. We will examine your oral cavity during your initial meeting and take some diagnostic tests to decide if dental implants are the best alternative for you. For this, you must have:

Good General Health

It would help if you had good general health before undertaking the treatment for dental implants. Suppose you have other chronic health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, or require certain medications that can impede post-surgical healing. In that scenario, you will most probably need to consider an alternative solution for your missing tooth.

Appropriate Jawbone Density

Dental implants need enough support and structure in the jawbone to be successful. Without a strong, healthy jawbone, an implant will ultimately fail. If you lack sufficient jaw bone density to support an implant, a bone graft surgery can help provide a stronger foundation for successful implantation.

Healthy Gums

The implant procedure's success can be drastically reduced if you have infected gums, as diseased gums can prevent adequate healing and lead to tooth loss. You may undergo periodontal treatment to restore your gum health before receiving dental implants.

What Are Other Factors That Affect the Dental Implant Procedure?

As we mentioned, people undertaking a dental implant procedure should possess good overall health. If you smoke, have gum disease, habitually clench your teeth, or lack sufficient bone density, you are certainly ineligible as a candidate for implant treatment. In most cases, you will need to get treated for the existing problems before beginning the implant treatment process.

From there on, if you qualify for the treatment, we will proceed with the actual procedure of getting you the implants and restore your teeth' appearance and functionality.


We can help determine your candidature for dental implants. Visit our office, Shepherd Dental PC, at 235 E Hildebrand Ave #100, San Antonio, TX 78212, or call (210) 820-0400 and schedule an appointment.

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